Invited Speakers

We are pleased to have the following speakers confirmed to present at the conference with many more to be announced.

Prof. Adrian Alvarez - University de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Prof. Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu - Tel Aviv University, Israel
Donal Buggy - Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Israel (via video link)
Ass.Prof. Juan Cata - MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Dr. David Chisholm - Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK 
Prof. Jigeeshu Divatia - Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, India
Prof. John Frenzel - MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Prof. Vijay Gottumukkala - MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Prof. Michael Grocott - University of Southampton, UK
Dr. Hans Huitink - VU Medical Centre, The Netherlands
Prof. Girish Joshi - University of Texas Southwestern, USA 
Sachin Kheterpal - University of Michigan, USA
Chang-Hong Miao - Fudan University Cancer Hospital, China
Prof. Ana Pereira - National Cancer Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Prof. Tom Rahlfs - MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Leif Saager - Cleveland Clinic, USA
A/Prof. Sunil Sahai - MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Esther Sanchez-Aliaga - VU University Medical Centre, Netherlands
Prof. Dilip Thakar - MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Dr. Malcolm West - Aintree University Hospitals, Liverpool, UK
Dr. Timothy Wigmore - Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK

And Specialty Lecturers:

Megan Allen
Pierre Bradley
Prof. Richard Bittar, Neurosurgeon
Dr. Kate Burbury, Haematologist
Rani Chahal, Specialist Anaesthetist
Jason Chou
Dr. Peter Courtney, Pain Specialist
A/Prof. Clare Delany, Senior Ethics Associate
Stephen Fox
Keith Greenland
David Gyorki, Surgical Oncologist
Prof. Alexander (Sandy) Heriot, Colorectal Surgeon
Jonathan Hiller
Dr. Malcolm Hogg, Pain Specialist
Dr. Peter Howe, Paediatric Anaesthesiologist
Timothy Hucker
Dr Hilmay Ismail
A/Prof. Kate Jackson, Pain & Palliative Care Physician
Daryl Jones
Kate Leslie
Dr. Natasha Michael, Palliative Care Physician
Andrew Murnane
A/Prof. Declan Murphy, Urologist
Prof. Paul Myles, Anaesthesiologist
Rob Newton
Adj. Prof. Paul Older, Intensive Care Specialist
Dr. Marie-Odile Parat, Research Scientist
Daniel Pilbrow
Amanda Piper
A/Prof. Bernhard Riedel, Anaesthesiologist
Prof. Stephan Schug, Pain Specialist
A/Prof. Reny Segal, Anaesthesiologist
Dr. David Skewes, Anaesthesiologist (ret.)
Ass.Prof. Erica Sloan, Research Scientist
Richard Smith
A/Prof. Steven Stacker, Research Scientist
Prof. David Story, Anaesthesiologist
Richard Sullivan
Prof. Peter Teddy, Neurosurgeon & Pain Specialist
Georgina Thompson
Tim Webb
Laurence Weinberg
Daryl Williams